After our Spring break adventures, we thought we would wait until a bit later in May to venture out in the Williams Wagon. Spring break proved to be cold and wet and we had hoped for a little better weather. That idea came to a screaming halt and the weather was worse than expected! COLD and it even snowed! The great news is that we ventured to a place that had an indoor pool and we could escape the cold for awhile.

Below you can see us enjoying a few hours of warmth on arrival day. After that, it was winter coats again.


Indian Valley is a nice campground located in Middleville, Michigan. Many of the locals like to stay here for the seasonal sites. The campground sites on the Thornapple river and boasts loads of fish for those who love fishing. The river sites are really nice, but only one can accommodate a 34-foot rig. Even if you are not able to secure a river front they also rent canoes and kayaks. Additionally, they have a nice little pond by the playground to fish at.

The people that own Indian Valley are really friendly and helpful. They even escorted us to our campsite. Some of the amenities we experienced were probably because the weather scared many away. It was a particularly nasty May weekend for camping. Pouring rain Friday night, cold, rainy and snowy on Saturday and even more snow on Sunday. Not enough snow to stick but enough to make you want to bundle up by a fire or stay inside….or even better, hit the indoor pool.

Below are a bulleted list of the pros and cons. We felt a more positive experience but the campground was virtually empty. I think with more of the seasonals around there would be more negative experiences because the sites are a bit more packed together than you would find at many state campgrounds.


  • Really nice by the river with lots of nature to observe
  • Well stocked camp store and friendly, helpful owners
  • Indoor pool for those rainy (or snowy) days
  • Lots of fishing to experience
  • Laundromat available right onsite
  • Fishing and swimming pond next to the playground was a lot of fun
  • The grounds are well taken care of and firepits were emptied prior to arrival.
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Canoe, paddleboat, and kayak rental available on site. You can also rent tubes to float down the river.


  • Could be loud and busy when full. The seasonal guests seem to have campfires together and it’s not as tranquil as state campgrounds. However, everyone was really friendly and inviting. This may not be a con to anyone else. We tend to be camping introverts.
  • The changing rooms by the pool were COLD. I am not sure they were heated and it was an extremely cold weekend. Most likely, no one else will experience this.
  • Sites are close  together.


Below is the site we booked (site 5). It was a really nice site as it was previously a seasonal lot.

site 5

Fishing from the site was a lot of fun! We even had our own dock. The dock made me a bit nervous because the river is deep and was REALLY running fast. We put up a rope so the kids would not get too close and made sure we were really close when they were fishing.


Mia and Lucas enjoyed the views. Across the river, we saw a beaver swimming. I thought it was a muskrat at first but the tail was very visible and it was clearly a beaver!


Caleb loved fishing.


Lucas perfects putting a worm on his hook.


They even liked fishing on shore by our campsite.


Tiller and Rhummy pouted about the lack of swimming. We really thought the current was too strong. Tiller (the black lab) was most mad and wanted to swim. He’s 13 now and can’t endure the freezing water or fast current.


We walked to the fishing pond and playground many times! We really liked looking at how everyone landscaped and decorated their own sites.


The overall view of the playground, swimming pond, and fishing pond. It was the perfect place for all of our kids! Some wanted to fish and some wanted to play.



Mia and Caleb tried the teeter-totter….but Caleb is bigger and had the upper hand. It made Mia mad.

DSC_0439 DSC_0471

Mia loves the horse swings there! She had fun for hours. You can see how much rain we got by the puddles in the background. Some of the areas in the playground were a bit low and rain can be a problem.


Caleb caught the only fish this weekend. We think even the fish were scared of the cold!


Later that night we went back and had dinner and, of course, smores! The kids love cooking marshmallows over the fire.


And eating them!


We all enjoy “spooky/silly” stories around the campfire before bed.


Sunday was so cold that we fished until the pool was open at 10. Then it was off to the pool.


Just watch out for the “bad biker gang” on the way to the pool!


The pool was a nice size. It was empty this weekend because the campground was empty. I’m not sure how busy it normally gets. The bonus is that it was inside and perfect for our gang. I swam some laps and played with the kids.



And the boys loved to just jump in!


On the way back to the RV we saw a few families of geese.


Then it was back to the RV to pouting pooches who wanted to swim themselves!


We really loved hanging out here and hope to come back! It was a nice place to unwind, listen to the birds, and relax at the pool.