This is one of our family favorite camping meals. Breakfast is huge while we are camping, but even better over a hot fire on a cold weekend. It also didn’t hurt that we had leftover BACON! We are huge bacon fans over here, especially slow cooked. I will share that recipe later.  Back to the cold… was so cold that it SNOWED! Yes, snow in May! Even up in Michigan that is just unacceptable.

Back to the recipe…..First, start with the basics. Eggs, buttered bread, cheese, and bacon. If you need another meat, feel free…..but I cannot approve because bacon is just too good to pass up. Cheese is another story.  A sharp cheddar would be amazing but we are dealing with little picky kids over here. American is the way we roll for many of our egg recipes.

DSC_0459 DSC_0458

Now comes the assembly. Pretty easy really. We just make sure to wedge the bread in so that it “holds” the egg. Basically, try to make a bit of a “bowl” out of the bread so your egg stays where you want it….oh, and have a level pie iron.


Now, I must change topics yet again. Pie Irons are a big deal. We have 3 different types. Do not waste time in going cheap and getting an aluminum one. Aluminum irons burn food and everything sticks to them. Cast Iron is the BEST cooker and our favorite is below. For just a few dollars more you can have the best.

Onto more prep.  I like to add the cheese right on top of the egg. It seems to hold the egg in place better.


Now to the bacon……you can add a little

little bacon

or load it up! This was hubby’s hobie pie and he loved it! Would you like some egg with your bacon?


Just be sure you put the buttered piece on the outside. I make this mistake constantly and it’s a huge tragedy.


This is our other hobie pie maker. I do like this one for the eggs pies but the one I mentioned above does a much better job of cooking pizza and grilled cheese!



The key next is to let these pies cook slowly. We like to use our tripod to cook them and we love the below tripod. It cooks everything great for us. Steaks, burgers, etc, etc cook so well because you can move your tripod around for more or less heat.

You can see how low we have these to the fire. We just keep flipping and check to be sure they are browning well but not burning! The 1st batch takes a bit longer because the cast iron takes a bit to heat up. Once you take them off the fire we use hot pads to rest the pie irons on to make the next batch.

DSC_0469 DSC_0468

Once done they are hot and delicious!


What is your favorite Hobie Pie recipe?