Yesterday my kids were playing in our basement when they came running upstairs screaming “MOM, a hedgehog is getting into our home!” I rushed downstairs to find said “Hedgehog” chewing on our glass window trying to get in.


He did not appear to be very friendly so I decided NOT to jump into the window well to save him……..he also had really sharp teeth and nails. YIKES! I devised a plan to build ladder to climb out. I figured I could have him put those sharp claws to use. The kids were convinced we should just keep him as our pet in our window well.

So I ran outside and put in a ladder to see what would happen……

Sure is a cute little guy, I see why the kids wanted to keep him.


The first ladder resulted in a pretty confused rat….


So there we were….hmmmmm, maybe he will become our pet.


It was snowing and the wood was getting wet and slippery. I added a second ladder and then this happened.


I guess I was a little excited that my devised plan actually worked……and in less than 15 minutes.

Ah yes, life on the farm is always interesting.