Our Mother’s Day was not a typical one, but it was typical for our family. We had more work to complete since we are camping next weekend and our spring projects seem to be endless right now. The kids like to participate and helped me with picking rocks in our riding arena. It doesn’t hurt that they do get some allowance since this work is considered outside of weekly chores.

The best part of my Mother’s Day was that the kids really participated and wanted to help. THAT is rare, especially with everyday chores. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures.

Tossing the rocks is probably the most fun, of course.


Caleb showing off his rock load



Mia is 3 but she likes to join in with her brothers.  Naturally, she picked up about 10 and dropped half.


mia rocks


The weather was so perfect all weekend to work outside. We enjoyed the day getting the garden ready and cleaning up from the rain storm the week prior. Everyone went to bed tuckered out. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too!