The morels are finally coming up and ready to pick. This is my first experience with finding morel’s as we don’t have a great mushroom growing place on our land, with the exception of ones growing on horse poop (and you couldn’t pay me to try those). I guess it’s not what you know but who you know and a friend introduced me to finding where the bounty likes to hide.  I was out a week ago to check but they were still pretty small.

a bunch

What I learned about finding morels is that they seem to thrive in areas with moss and in the woods (obviously). But they can be anywhere and once you find a spot you will probably find them again in the same area. Some morel etiquette heard is that you should cut and leave some of the stem (like asparagus). It’s also recommended to use a basket so some of the spores are released back into the ground. It will help them spread!

My friend told me it’s best to look for “brains” in the woods. I have to agree, they do look like little brains. Very pretty. Still, how did people figure out that eating something like this would be good? Trial and error with mushrooms could be a bit scary. Nevertheless, these are a hidden gem in the woods of Michigan and the fun is in finding them.

This guy was trying to hide!

trying to hide

A cute little bunch

a bunch

Can you find the morel here?

Where's Morel

Tomorrow we are heading back to check if they are ready. I have heard they are in peak season now. Looking forward to trying some fried morels. And maybe some with pork and a sauce……or in eggs….possibilities are endless!