Probably my most favorite season is spring. Everything is new, fresh, and alive. Sitting outside today all that I heard were thousands of songbirds. Winter in Michigan isn’t unwelcome but I’m usually ready to bid my goodbyes and start our spring ventures.  I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I also do not have spring allergies that I’ve heard are awful this year.


My love of spring is mostly because of the colors and grandiose sunsets. It’s not uncommon after a sunny day to see a brilliant sunset in the evening. Even if we are out for dinner I find myself wondering if I can catch that last sunset of the day before it slips away.

We spent much of our time this weekend outside. The last few Michigan weekends have really been inviting. Warm, low breeze and sunny. I distinctly remember the opposite last year.  I feel as though God gave us this gift and I am ready to take it all in.


How was your weekend weather?