Who doesn’t love rolling green fields, beautiful horses, and gorgeous landscapes? Lexington, Kentucky has so much to offer in its artistic displays. This is our second time visiting and I am ever in awe!

All that said, I have never been so glad to have an RV until our trip to Lexington. It was a COLD blustery trip, even by Michigan standards (nevermind everyone in Lexington was talking about the Michigan snow!) We still had a great time and love the Kentucky Horse Park campsites. We stayed in campsite 11 and had a nice field behind our motorhome. Also, we enjoyed hearing horses behind us. If you love horses, this is the venue for you! An added bonus was Keeneland Spring Meet was going on!


Site 11 was a nice site. Even though every site is paved you will want to be SURE to call or be prepared for an unlevel site. We saw many tires off the ground which is not great for the jack system of an RV or trailer. You always want some weight on your tires. We did call and found this to be a nice, flat site. Added bonus was a nice little field in back for the dogs and playing soccer! The campground was clean and quiet with a nice camp store.  Security was very good and people were friendly and helpful. We were there when it wasn’t busy but they did have 4 areas to pump out and we never had to wait. The downsides include that the paths to the inner ring of the campground have no cut thru’s. You need a bike or golf car to get to the store, playground, and bath houses quickly.  Also, wood was $6 for a small bundle that did not burn well. Head to the Shell station and connected liquor store to get better firewood for $1 less.


Kentucky Horse Park site 11

We arrived on Tuesday of Spring break and the campground was empty and trees in full bloom! All of the kids loved collecting pine cones and sticks for fires that we rarely enjoyed, it was just too cold and windy…..but half of the adventure is exploring. By Friday, these sites were nearly full.


The campground had 2 very nice playgrounds that the kids loved to play on!


The firepits were not as nice as the concrete fire rings at the Michigan State campgrounds. In fact, don’t count on the grill working. It was rusted solid! Luckily, we like using our tripod anyways!


Cooking Hobie pies for lunch

Tiller thought he might enjoy one of our steaks!


Steak time!

The absolute highlight was the ability to ride bikes from the campground into the actual Horse Park! Unfortunately, the campground folks told us we could take bikes anywhere in the park which is NOT true! Do not count on the campground folks to have knowledge of the actual Park itself.  You cannot ride bikes into the park, only in the Rolex area and showgrounds. Nonetheless, the stadium was totally empty and the boys had a blast riding in the stadium. The campground is located next to (and connected to) the Rolex cross country course. We loved looking at the course while riding bikes!


Rolex Stadium jumping (Mounted games held this weekend)


Rolex stadium

At the Rolex Stadium we enjoyed watching the Mounted games (pony division). Such a neat event and fun group of people!


Dropping a cup in the bucket.

Pole-bending relay

Just down the road, via bike, we enjoyed the Spring Bay Horse trials. Cross country is off site, but the dressage and show jumping was right down the road from our campsite.


Too many events to mention for the horse-minded. Spring Meet at Keeneland was a great time. Although we missed a few races due to rain, we loved the 3 races we were able to enjoy. The weather deters many from attending outside. To me, the rail is the only place to be! It was $10 for all 5 of us to attend (outside of the “Keeneland Breeze” and sodas we enjoyed). You can spend a lot more to wine and dine, but the thrill of the rail is very impressive. It’s also amazing to view the horses in the paddock prior to the races.



A close finish


Closing in


Mia and I are excited for the races to start!

Mia and I are excited for the races to start!

The amazement continues in Lexington! No trip is complete without taking a leisurely drive on the amazing scenic byway, “Old Frankfort Pike.” The views go on for miles and I have so many pictures of amazing farms. Below are just two of my favorite!



If you love history and arboretums , I highly recommend heading to the “Lexington National Cemetary.” We love both, but also Geocaching. So we took some hints and tried to find a cache at the Henry Clay monument.  None was found, however, it was a great place to explore….and amazing in the spring.

As far as camping trips go, there was not much camping. We did more sight-seeing. And thanks to a friend, we were also able to enjoy seeing a beautiful farm in Kentucky. The 5 barns on-site were nicer than my home! The drive inside the farm was noteworthy, they must have miles of paved roads on just one farm. I was awestruck! This is just a piece of our trip that we enjoyed. Of course, no trip with children is without some mishap. Mia managed to come down with another cold and Mom forgot her nebulizer. So we had to make a few late night trips to get her meds (and another nebulizer that now resides in our RV, never to be forgotten). Overall, weather and illness could not deter the fun and beauty that is enjoyed in Lexington. We will be back for another spring adventure!